Keeping Your Pets Cool – New Mats and Coats

With waves of hot weather approaching, it is important that we take care of our pets. One unique way to do so is by owning a cool coat or cool mat from Ancol.

Cooling on the go, and at home!

Available in S, M and L, the mats provide a comfortable surface for your pet to rest on in the heat. The mat contains a phase-change material, meaning that the non-toxic contents will react to your pet’s body temperature. The heat will be absorbed, keeping your pet cool.

The mat is easy to re-use! Simply leave it in a cool place and wait for it to return to its crystallised state. For cleaning, a damp cloth and some soapy warm water will do the trick. 

Cooling Mat - Small

Ranging in price from £10.99 to £31.99, these cooling mats from Ancol are definitely a must have in the hot weather. They are available in store today and to order!

The Country Store stock another great product from Ancol, similar to the cooling mat. A cooling coat, designed for dogs, is another essential in the hot weather for the adventures in the heat.

Available in XS to XL (in store stock may vary), the cool coat will help maintain a stress free body temperature on hot days. Simply submerge in water for around a minute, then gently wring out. As the day goes on this process can be Cooling Vestrepeated as little or as many times as necessary. They are machine washable at a cool temperature, and can be stored damp.  

Starting at £11.99 (Extra Small), these coats are an easy and effective way to help keep your dog cool at home and on walks.

If you are able to pop into the store, we currently have a cooling coat on display for you to have a look at and feel.



If you would like more information on sizing or prices, our staff in store are happy to help. Our contact information is available here, including our telephone number and address. 

The Country Store Team





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