Looking After Our Feline Friends

Looking after man’s best friend is just as important as looking after our feline friends. The Country Store have had many customers come in and talk to us about their cats, new to the family and those who have been around since the beginning (and we love to hear about them).

Cat Food & Treats

Just like our own branded dry dog food, The Country Store stocks premium dry cat food in two delicious flavours (Chicken and Salmon). These come in 300g and 2kg bags for you convenience. Burgess, Go Cat and Hills are just a few other brands of dry cat food in many flavours and sizes. Particularly with Go Cat (10kg), Breederpack (15kg) and Omega (10kg) we offer larger bags if you require it. Likewise with any product, please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or would like some more information.

The Country Store also stock wet cat food in both tins and pouches; Whiskas, Felix, Breederpack and Sheba. 

Dreamies are very popular which means they are always well stocked, along with Whiskas Temptations and Natures Menu nibbles.

Cat Toys & Collars

Just before you reach the cat food, we have a small area dedicated to toys and collars for cats and kittens. Different materials, sizes and colours. Come in and have a browse! Along with our flea treatment for dogs, we stock different treatments for worms and fleas. 

Cat Litter & Trays

Are you expecting a new arrival? We have a starter kit of all of the essentials, including a litter tray and scoop! Just across the aisle, we have a variety of cat litters in small to big bags. Our lovely staff will be able to help you pick which is the best for your cat, and carry it to your vehicle for you. If you need a litter tray only, we also have plenty of sizes and colours in stock!

Carriers, Beds & Scratch Posts

A trip to the vet can be scary and difficult, but having the right size carrier can help a lot with your feline friend’s favourite blanket. We stock 3 sized carriers which come fully assembled, situated across from the cat feed with the range of scratch posts. Whether you are looking for a post for your new arrival, or a luxurious scratch post with a platform to have a snooze on; our range will see to all kinds of needs.

A lot of what we stock for cats is now online (you can have a browse here). Of course, we cannot list all the feline products we stock in store – but we try our best to keep our customers up to date. Please do bare in mind that we are still working on uploading products to our website, so we are happy for you to give us a call with any question. Or, pop in and say hello before having a quick look around.

The Country Store Team

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