Looking After Man’s Best Friend

Although The Country Store offers a variety of equine and small holder feed, dog food is another popular product which we take pride in. We also understand the important needs for your dogs, whether it be in what they eat or what they love to play with.


All dogs are different, just like us humans. Some require a smaller kibble, whereas others may be on a strict diet. Our range of dry dog food caters to all ages, sizes and requirements*. Stocking up with working dog food (our own and other well-known brands) goes hand in hand with visiting the gun department, so we hope you can make two trips into one. The gun department stock dog training dummies, as well as different pitched whistles and other training accessories. Why not keep an eye out for our own TCS brand dog food, available in both 2kg and 12kg bags? Many of the brands we stock also offer a loyalty scheme, such as Burns and Eukanuba – great news! 

Looking for something a little different? Wet and raw dog food is available in all shapes and sizes; cans, pouches and boxes. If you ever need a little help with choosing a feed or just would like some advice, our knowledgeable staff in store are always happy to have a chat. 

We also stock…

Treats, bowls, leads and harnesses to name a few! A lot of the comfortable harnesses are sometimes tricky to make sure they are the perfect fit without trying them on. The same goes for muzzles and collars! The Country Store staff welcomes all friendly dogs and are more than happy to help you fit and try on products. 

A range of tough, bright dog toys are always exciting to look at (both with and without squeakers). When your best friend is all worn out from playing and eating, dog beds are also available for a comfortable night sleep. 

Staff member, Susan, having a cuddle with a new arrival of one of our customer’s.

If the product you are looking for is not on the website, or in store, then our staff will be happy to look into it. All of our contact details are available here on our website.

*Brands that we stock can be found on our website and/or any queries can be followed up via email or telephone.

The Country Store Team

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