Rug Cleaning and Repairs – A & T Equestrian Services

Here at The Country store, we are lucky enough to be able to partner up with A & T Equestrian Services.

Cleaned, Proofed AND Repaired!

A fortnightly collection and delivery from Alan and Tracey provides a professional service for all types of horse rugs – including dog beds! If you would like to confirm what day of the week Alan and Tracey are visiting, then please do give us a call. The usual day for collection and delivery of rugs are Thursday’s.

Our next collection and delivery date is: Thursday 28th September 2017

For a full price list, please see below.

When you bring in the items you would like cleaned, proofed and/or repaired they will be folded, bagged and labelled up prior to the collection. We will kindly ask you to fill out a quick form with your details and the details of what services you would like. A receipt will be provided for your reference!

Once your items have been returned by Alan and Tracey, we will then be able to contact you to let them know they are ready for you to pick up. We ask for payment upon collection when a grand total will be given to you.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details provided here. Or, if you have a direct question for  A & T Equestrian Services, please contact them using these details:


(01638) 730275 or on mobile at 07802 706787


Guidance Price List (varying on size and services):

  • Cleaning per rug: £8.50
  • Proofing per rug: £8.50
6ft + Rugs with Integral Neck Covers
  • Clean: £9.99
  • Proof: £9.99

Summer Sheets, Light Coolers etc: £5.50 ea

Dog Beds
  • Small: £5.50
  • Medium: £7.00
  • Large: £8.50
  • Extra Large: £9.99
  • Extra Extra Large: £12.00


A & T Equestrian Services, “The Boot”, Woodditton Road, Kirtling, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 9PG


The Country Store Team


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