Sale Shelf Bargains at The Country Store

Every so often we may discontinue stock for a variety of reasons – this means we are able to sell them at a reduced price to our lovely customers!

Bargain, Bargain, Bargain!

One of the 7.5kg bags we have on our shelf is our very own TCS Dry Premium Cat Food. This is for the slightly older, 7+ cats and was originally £18.59. In store this is priced at £15 due to us not being able to hold the stock. However, with an exclusive quoted phrase found in this blog post we will be selling it at just £10.

For the smaller animals, we have one Burgess Rabbit food* in 1.5kg a bag. This is on the sale shelf for £1.50, down from £5.99 and they’re going fast! Other small animal bargains include Beaphar’s Anti-Parasite Spot-On at £1.50 from £3.49, and Johnson’s Vit-Min Drops at £2.15 down from £4.15!

The top shelf is also dedicated to wild bird feeders for as little as £2.99 and, while stocks last, suet blocks for £1!

Another one of our large, 12kg bags on the bargain shelf is a ProPlan Large Athletic Puppy Chicken Dry Food. It is down to £40 from £49.49… but, with our discount phrase, you can save a further £5 and pay just £35!

Of course, we cannot list every bargain we have in store on our website. As well as the listed items above, our area dedicated to bargains also has various wild bird feeders, fish food (tropical, pond and goldfish), dog treats and accessories, cat toys and chicken feed.

Exclusively from this blog post, we are offering discounts on top of a few existing sale items when you quote “TCS BARGAIN” in store. Unfortunately we cannot offer the sale shelf items online, however keep an eye out for future discounts on our online store; both in the pet and gun departments!

The Country Store Team


*Out of date stock

Please note: Some items are on the bargain shelves due to being past the sell by date. All items are while stock lasts. In store only.

Items Included in Blog Phrase Discount:

  • 7.5kg TCS Premium 7+ Cat Food  (£10 with code)
  • 12kg ProPlan Large Athletic Puppy Chicken (£35 with code)


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