Horse Feed and Equine Supplies

Since The Country Store opened, horse feed and equine supplies have been available and popular to our customers. 25 years later, this is still the case!

Horse Feed

Unfortunately, due to space, we cannot stock everything our customers may need. But, we are able to order in feed if our suppliers stock them. In-store we have a variety of feed, including Baileys and Dengie. Our lovely staff members in store can advise you if you need any information, whether it be for feed or supplements. Products which are a little too big or heavy to carry can be taken to your vehicle with a trolley; one of our staff members will be happy to do so. Shavings, hay and straw bales are also available.

Equine Supplies

Together with the feed, an aisle in-store is dedicated to the care of horses.

 Fly masks, fly spray and salt licks are in stock and ready for the heat over the next few months. If you are looking for something for yourself, a range of gloves, socks and reflective jackets are available. For the full range of what we offer, visiting us in-store is the easiest way although all of the feed is online. If you would like to check the availability or ask if we can order in a product, you can do so in-store or via the contact page here.


For customers who perhaps have large orders or cannot make it in-store, we offer a local delivery service every Friday. This is not exclusive to horse supplies, and can be any products in-store! Again, to inquire or place an order, please either visit us in-store or give us a call.

The Country Store Team


Ordering in products that we do not stock depends on the availability from the supplier. We kindly ask that it is paid in full at the time of the order. Likewise, delivery orders are asked to be paid for in full before-hand. A £5 delivery charge is applied on deliveries under £25.

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