ICOTEC – GC300 Electronic Fox Call – Gen 2

ICOTEC – GC300 Electronic Fox Call – Gen 2

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The GC300 offers an outstanding remote technology that is unrivaled in
the industry at this price. Up to 300 yards with no line-of-sight
required to activate the main speaker unit. The advantages of having
this unit with preprogrammed calls from Wildlife Technologies is that
you can play two calls simultaneously.

– Lightweight unit

– Compact/Highly portable

– Easy to operate

– Fantastic quality audio

Calls include:

– Cottontail Distress

– Jack Rabbit Distress

– Coyote Pup Distress

– Fawn Distress

– Woodpecker Distress

– Crow Distress

– Raccoon Pup Distress

– Gray Fox Distress

– Coyote Female

– Coyote Male

– Coyote Yip/Howl

– Bobcat Adult