ANCOL – Padded Harness – Pink

ANCOL – Padded Harness – Pink

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The Ancol padded harness is designed to offer maximum comfort for your
pet whilst still retaining all the strength and control a normal harness
offers you with your pet. They are designed with the buckle on the back
of the pet so that at no point do you need to place the harness over the
pets head. They also have a air cushioned section that runs all along
the front of the harness on the the areas that press on the pets chest,
areas above the tops of the legs and the section that wraps around your
pets waist. They have a double metal clip which pull together for you to
attach your lead so that there is no chance of the clip breaking.

– Padded to offer maximum comfort for your pet

– Double metal clip to ensure they cant break free from your lead

– Buckle clips on the back of the pet so you never have to place it over
there head

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