NAF – Kof Eze

NAF – Kof Eze

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NAF's Introductory product into their respiratory support range. NAF's
Kof Eze offers superb nutrition which enhances the respiratory mucosal
immune system.Kof-Eze comes highly recommended for use in horses
suffering from hypersensitivity to airborne irritants including dust,
spores, pollen and mould as its powerful antioxidants break them down so
that they cant irritate your horse or pony. It also contains tea tree
oil to help soothe your horse or ponies throat if it is already

– Contains tea tree oil to help soothe irritated throats

– powerful antioxidants break down air born irritants that would
normally cause a horse to cough

– Liquid form makes it very easy to either mix into their feed or squirt
directly onto the back of their tongue with a syringe

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