VERM-X – Poultry Liquid

VERM-X – Poultry Liquid

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This product is a completely 100% natural way to control worms within
your poultry, ducks and fowl. This unique formula contains absolutely
no artificial chemicals whatsoever, but instead uses a combination of
natural ingredients to effectively control worms. This bottle is in a
liquid form giving you two ways of giving it to your birds, it can be
added to there drinking water or can be soaked in bread and fed that way
to ensure it is getting into your birds.

– Eggs can still be eaten while in use

– 100% Natural ingredients

– Very economical

Chickens & Duck: 1.5ml per bird

Turkeys & Geese: 3ml per bird

Repeat the dose for 3 consecutive days once a month, every month.

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250ml, 500ml