VERM-X – Poultry Pellets


VERM-X – Poultry Pellets

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This product is a completely 100% natural way to control worms within
your poultry, ducks and fowl. This unique formula contains absolutely
no artificial chemicals whatsoever, but instead uses a combination of
natural ingredients to effectively control worms. This tub is in a
pellet form making it easy to give to your birds, simply add it into
there daily feed and they wont even notice them there.

– Eggs can still be eaten while in use

– 100% Natural ingredients

– Very economical

Chickens & Duck: 2.5g per bird

Turkeys & Geese: 5g per bird

Repeat the dose for 3 consecutive days once a month, every month.

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250g, 0.75kg

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