HARRISONS – Mealworms

HARRISONS – Mealworms

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Mealworms have long been a fan favourite with a wide variety of birds
including robins, sparrows, tits and even chickens. They are rich in
protein and essential oils that help the birds to flourish in the spring
and summer and survive through the harsher colder months of the year.
Mealworms can be fed through a normal seed
feeder however they are not ideal as they would normally have a tray or
dish beneath as they can spill out onto the floor and be wasted. We do
have mealworm feeders available specifically designed to be used with
mealworms which do have a dish around the bottom of the feeder to reduce

Nutritional Information:

Protein: 54.9%

Fat: 26.6%

Fibre: 6.2%

Moisture: 5.9%

Ash: 3.7%

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