Workshop Services


We are able to get a wide variety of air rifles serviced and repaired. This varies from a new spring or seals to a complete overhaul of your beloved weapon from your childhood. We also offer several on site services including; scope fitting, zeroing and power checking.


For all rifle repairs, we have a separate agent who provides his services. We can once again offer a host of services including; Barrel shortening and threading, trigger adjustments, firing issues plus basic and full services.


Our shotgun gunsmiths have many years of experience between them and there’s almost nothing they can’t do! From replacing a firing pin to re-bluing the barrels or restocking your gun. Basic and Full services are carried out regularly and ideal to have done before a heavy period of use to ensure smooth operation of your weapon.


If any of the work you need carried out cannot be undertaken then you will be notified and alternative arrangements can be made to have the gun sent back to manufacturer or returned in an unrepaired state if necessary.

We will do our best to provide an estimate when the weapon is brought into us. However, if this cannot be achieved then we will contact you with a quotation before any work is carried out.

We are able to carry out deactivations on Section 1 and Section 2 firearms. These need to go through the workshop and have the action and barrels rendered useless and beyond repair. This does not usually effect on the cosmetics of the gun. We then send the gun to the proof house to have the gun certified so that it no longer needs to be held on licence.